What is the purpose of life?

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What is the purpose of life?

He wants to reach the first rank throughout his studies. Competition for good job after graduation. Encouragement to get married if we get a good job…. After all, the thought, sadness and fear of death in old age disturbs us. All the past will evoke memories, and the future will evoke fear. The reason why we cannot enjoy this little life in between is our thoughts and the desires that come with those thoughts.

•Life is very simple but often feels complicated to us. Build a palace of thoughts and live within it. But when everything fades away, we ourselves fall into that pit.

  • Death and birth is a miraculous phenomenon of the universe. When we know and experience the truth, life is experienced as a very pleasant journey, and when thoughts leave us, it is possible to live like an innocent child. The fear of death is removed as we travel holding the hands of the universe.
  • The whole world doesn't have to change to make this happen. We just need to make a mind to change ourselves. When it is possible to know and feel the power of the universe, life changes like an innocent baby, like a worm changing into a butterfly, overcomes sorrows and crises to a comfortable lifestyle.

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