Thasmai Guruji

THASMAI GURUJI is an enlightened soul who has been on the spiritual path for almost a decade now. He is a Filmmaker by profession. During his spiritual journey, he has experienced the 14 dimensions of the universe and several universal secrets unknown to the modern world. His GURU is the great SreeNarayana Guru.


He has developed a unique, simple yet efficient meditation technique called SMS meditation with the help of cosmic forces - SUN, MOON and STARs, which helps transformation in one's life and help us to live in harmony with the universe like any other living things. This can be practised by the common man, regardless of prior experience, from anywhere in the world with the permission and guidance of THASMAI GURUJI. Advanced meditation techniques include, Dark Meditation, NjanaYogam, Siddhi Yogam and Samadhi. There are many projects, all based on universal secrets, SMS meditation is one of them.


GURUJI’s wife and 2 CHILDREN accompany him and help him in this effort. The family is dedicating their entire life to fulfill the vision of their GURU. They wish to be a PEN for their GURU.


This is UNIQUE as the project is driven by the Universe. The people behind this initiative are mere PENS in the hands of the Universe/GURU, who are willing to stand selflessly for the laws of the universe. A pen cannot write on its own. The greatness of that pen is according to the greatness of the writer. Hence, a person's selfish interests, personal desires or preferences have no importance here. Everything is controlled by the universe.

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