Samadhi Yoga

The Indian culture, also known as “Aarsha Bharata” was passed on to us by the great Rishis. The Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata and Ramayana are all creations of these exceptional Gurus. So are the Gods and Goddesses whom we workship and revere even today. The irony that we often turn a blind eye towards the Gurus, who created them in the first place.


We are able to observe that these Gurus led normal lives, attained self realisation , and held ultimate knowledge. These Gurus were the prime examples of living life to the fullest potential. We humans unfortunately worshipped them as mere physical forms, instead of following their teachings. This then led way for rituals, offerings and other forms of worship. The knowlege of Gurus were given no importance.


In order to attain knowledge, sacrifice is pre requisite. In short, nobody is ready to sacrifice anything. Attaining information is easy. All you have to do is read a book.


Gurus are the advocates of the subtle world.
It is not the their physical form, but their teachings that need to reflect in our lives. It is not something to be reserved only for special occassions like Vyasa Poornima or the Ramayana month. Transformation in humans can only take place when these teachings are practised from one’s birth till death. Only then can vision of our Gurus of leading us in the right path come true.


There are Universal Laws and Laws of the Nature. All beings in the universe other than human beings live according to the universal laws. We humans on the other hand, unfortunately follow the laws of the society, which is manmade. As a result, we are unable to comprehend the language of the universe.


Unlike societal laws, the universal law is not something we can state one by one. Our penal code has laws which prohibit us to from eating animals of the wild. The same law does not prevent us from eating animals living elsewhere.
Universal law on the other hand is like a guiding force at any given circumstance in our life. These are blessings of the universe when we begin to live in alignment with the universe.


The universe impartially provides air and sunlight to all. Similarly, when one lives in accordance to the universal law, we can experience that whatever we need at any given moment is provided to us. Money is not something we must hoard for the future. The universe makes sure we have enough for out needs.


Before we speak of Samadhi, let us take a look at some teachings of the Guru.


Sree Narayana Guru once wrote:




This means, one who selflessly submits themselves to the universe is then guided by the universe itself. This does not mean they can live their lives doing nothing. This means that their pursuits will undoubtedly be for the greatest good of all. Their deeds will be selfless and hence they are divinely protected by the universe.


Without self-submission, the holy rituals and offering of flowers are meaningless. It is nothing but an illusion (Maya). However, when we let go of our bodily consciousness to merge with the cosmic consciousness, Maya (illusion) fades away to reveal the secrets of the universe.


There are fourteen dimensions in this universe and it is unfortunate that we humans only get to experience the third dimension.


The spiritual pursuits of Sree Narayana Guru who lived in this era, consumated at Aluva Advaita Ashram, where he advocated “Dhyana Marga”


Dhyana is the thin line between sleep and alertness. During this state, a person begins to lose their bodily consciousness to merge with the cosmic consciousness. They are then able to experience other dimensions. It is only through this state we are able to understand universal secrets. Samadhi is that state wherein one merges into the cosmic consciousness.


Science is something we read and understand. Spirituality on the other hand can only be experienced. That which cannot be experienced cannot be considered knowledge . It is merely information.


Knowlege is something that remain as truths for eons to come. They cannot always be proven in scientific labs. Information on the other hand undergo rectifications over time.


The findings of science are a result of a person probing into a subject over a long period of time. This leads way to new ideas and innovations. This takes place in scientific labs where we try to understand other dimensions from our existing dimension. However, here we are able to observe personal desires and interests.


Only a spiritual person is able to settle down anywhere for an extended period of time. During this state, a person begins to lose their bodily consciousness to merge with the universe. They are then able to experience other dimensions and universal secrets are revealed to them. This is called “self-realization”.

When a self realized person selflessly submits themselves with the deep desire to understand and experience the subtle world, that state is called Samadhi. This is a journey into the subtle world with the help of the seven subtle bodies.


The Samadhi state is not something a person can enter at their own will; neither can it be attained with money. This is a journey taken up by the self realized when the universe urges them to seek the path of the Supreme Gurus in order to understand cosmic truths.


Time has come to seek the path of the self realized supreme Gurus. Since this is a journey into a bottomless sea, the return cannot be predicted. This selfless journey is called Samadhi. Any insight the universe provides the self realized during this journey will be for the benefit of all.


It is unfortunate that we spend crores on scientific research and yet spirituality holds no respect in our land.


All religions have their own historical texts, rituals and practices that have been passed on through generations. However, how can religion benefit humankind if it does not have a vision?

It is only through Dhyana we are able to progress to the ‘vision’ aspect. The vision of all religions is the same i.e to lead humankind to spiritual emancipation. We are able to observe and experience this regardless of one’s religion or caste

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