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Why SMS Meditation? 

Irrespective of who you are or whatever achievements you have gained, ultimately people are left with unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and worries. Do you know WHY?


Life is a new possibility if birth and death happen consciously. We humans need only soft memory to live in this universe. However, lots of complicated memories are created in our body due to one's lifestyle.  The COMPLICATED MEMORY is the root cause of all our problems like, Immune Deficiency, Depression, Work Pressure, Tension, Financial Stress, Family Problems, Anxiety, Doubt, Fear, Confusion, No proper sleep, Short temper, Infertility, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Concentration, Dissatisfaction, Lack of moral values, Birth defects in children, All Lifestyle diseases and even the main reason for GLOBAL WARMING.


Except human beings, all other creatures in the universe receive ENERGY (knowledge) directly from the SUN, who is the source of knowledge, and IMMUNITY from the MOON.  We are the only ones who receive it indirectly through other creatures and live against the law of nature. As a result, we are becoming unhealthy both physically and mentally. Once our SOOKSHMA BODIES get activated, we humans can also receive energy directly from nature. This helps us to address 60% of FOOD SCARCITY. Any individual who is capable of receiving energy directly from the Sun, Moon and Stars experiences peace, contentment, self awareness and is freed of Karmic debt. 


Today we have lost the control of our mind as part of the COMPLICATED MEMORIES that are accumulated over a period of time. Without realizing the fact that the cosmic energy is controlling us, we are always trying to control ourselves. Due to this, our decisions are always going in the wrong direction.

What we have been doing from time to time is finding a solution after a problem has occurred. Be it in one’s personal life, family or in the workplace or any other, there is no big difference. Do you think we need a PERMANENT SOLUTION to prevent all the problems we see today?


"CHANGE OURSELVES" is the ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION to all the problems we face today. Let’s BE THE CHANGE. Let each one of us do a “self-analysis” and set ourselves as role models for our next generation by living a healthy, peaceful life. SMS Meditation will help you in your transformation by wiping out all your COMPLICATED MEMORIES, which is the root cause of all the problems we face today.


SMS Meditation - The only solution to all our problems


 सत्यंवदघर्मंis the one simple formula to achieve our great GURUS ultimate vision of लोकःसमस्ताःसुखिनोवन्तु


THASMAI is introducing a new way of life that helps us to live in harmony with the universe like any other living things through “SMS meditation” - A UNIQUE meditation technique developed with the help of cosmic forces - SUN, MOON and STARS. This brings transformation in one's life, frees us from lifestyle diseases and helps us live in harmony with the universe. Any individual who is capable of receiving energy directly from the Sun, Moon and Stars experiences peace, contentment, self awareness and is freed of Karmic debt. 


Attractive factors:

  1. 100% result oriented.
  2. Anyone with the RIGHT ATTITUDE can “experience” the bliss feeling in day or two
  3. We DO NOT need to control ourselves; rather nature will take over and control us.
  4. No need to worry about how to stop your thoughts, since the SUN, MOON and the STARS will help you to control your thoughts.
  5. This is designed in such a simple way that it can be easily practiced by people of any age, from children to the elderly.
  6. Anyone can practice this meditation from anywhere in the world with the Guru's permission and blessings.



  1. Increases the immunity level which helps us to get rid of all the lifestyle diseases.
  2. One can get rid of all the karmic debts of one's births and live happily with their family and loved ones.
  3. Increased brain utilization. One can activate up to 100% of his/her brain.
  4. You will always be satisfied and happy, as this will wipe out all your complicated memories.
  5. Whatever you do will produce the best result and become automatically harmonious to nature and fellow beings.
  6. Wherever you go, you will simply excel, and will get honor and recognition.  Parents can become the best parents, children the best children, spouses the best husband and wife, siblings the best siblings, and if you are a teacher - you will become the best teacher, an engineer become the best engineer,  a scholar become the best scholar and a doctor the best doctor etc.



Who can do this?

Anyone (irrespective of caste, creed, religion, color, educated or illiterate, rich or poor, rational or pious, thief or good etc.) with the “RIGHT ATTITUDE” can practice this meditation from anywhere in the world with the permission, guidance  and blessings of THASMAI GURUJI. 


How is it UNIQUE?

SMS Meditation is the only solution or technique available in the universe today to wipe out the COMPLICATED MEMORY from our body, which is the root cause of all our problems.

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