About Thasmai


THASMAI stands for KNOWLEDGE, which aims to provide a platform for the research and development of SPIRITUALITY, and thus regain the culture of India. We dream of a universe where every creature lives happily and peacefully. There are many projects; all are based on UNIVERSAL SECRETS.


Provides an ultimate solution to all the problems we experience in our everyday life, by introducing a new way of life with the help of cosmic forces - SUN , MOON and STARS. This brings transformation in our lives, frees us from lifestyle diseases and helps us live in harmony with the universe. Any individual who is capable of receiving energy directly from the Sun, Moon and Stars experiences peace, contentment, self awareness and is freed of Karmic debt.


Permanent solution to overcome the current Economic Crisis, Health challenges, crisis in the Agriculture sector, Waste Management, Revolution in Education System, Technologies for Dam safety and disaster management, Proposals for TAX FREE NATION, Technologies for ensuring 100% election participation and many more based on 197 articles, all based on UNIVERSAL SECRETS.


“THASMAI” is a system. Everything in the universe including human beings, other living & non-living things form a part of this system directly or indirectly.


Please note, the word “SPIRITUALITY” we mentioned here has nothing to do with a particular religion. It is the feeling of love and respect towards everything in the universe.

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